Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Sewing!

I finished this little dude the day before yesterday, this might be my favorite so far. I have about 2 more left to do then I dont know what project I will get my hands on.
I quit my job last Thursday because I was basically spending more driving all the way out there then I was making a week. Its kinda sad I was really hoping this one would work out. Next week its back to the grind trying to find something else. One day I will own my own thing and this will all be just a memory.


  1. he is so cute! good for you for quitting! it sounded like a lot of work all that driving only for people to cancel on you. you'll find something better and maybe close enough that you won't have to drive!!

  2. that little guy is crazy cute. Bummer about the job. Hope you find something better and closer.