Monday, September 12, 2011


I am redecorating my room, I have also been procrastinating on this for a long time. Big surprise! As I said before I love animal print and had been searching for zebra and/or cheetah sheets for what felt like forever. I went to Kohls one day and they just happened to have 100$ dream sheets for 15$ so of course I snatched those up. Then magically I went to Ross a few days after that and they not only had cheetah sheets but also a freaking comforter!!! Do yall think I am tacky or what?! Anyways my room currently is a grey color with these crazy curtains I have had since highschool and I figured with my new bedspread I needed a change. So here is where yall come in...I want to make my new wall color one of these three and the curtains will be one of the swatches that you see. Now I am horrible at being girly and dont have a clue about interior design so can yall maybe please give me your opinions on this?


  1. I absolutely love the first one, but it may be a bit much for an entire room. I'm not sure if you have any borders or whatever around your room - like baseboards at the bottom of the wall? You could paint the walls the second color and then do the baseboards the first color!

    If not though, I'd probably just do the first one anyway - tacky should be my middle name and teal is my favorite color, haha.

  2. the last one is really nice. unless you are gonna just do one wall the top one for sure. darker brighter colors will make the room seem smaller and light colors will make your room seem bigger. love the colors!

  3. I agree with CB the last one is my fave too and I think it would look nice on all your walls, not too bright, just right.

  4. my favorite is the first as well but i think yall are right the lighter one would be a better idea...

    my room is pretty small and i would hate for it to appear smaller by painting it...but if i painted only one wall the darker color and the rest of them lighter would that do the same thing??