Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another Sew September

This is my most recent little project. Its finished now and ready to ship off to my great aunt Janet in Pennsylvania.
It took entirely too long to finish this but I really enjoyed it. I may start trying to do bigger project now that I am so comfortable with these baby ones.

In other news my midget dog, Loki, is standing beside me sleeping...yes standing up with her eyes shut dead asleep and softly whining. Shes such a weirdo.


  1. My dog is weird like that too...they should meet!

  2. she would prolly run and hide under something tiny and then shake until he left haha. shes such a scared little thing. i cant even believe she is a dog half the time

  3. It amazes me how animals can sleep standing up, what a skill it would be for humans! I feel like sleeping right now in fact, I could do it on my way to work.. oops, not a dog. Oh dear.

    I like your crossstitch, I want to do a few christmassy style ones ut just don't know where to start, too many patterns to choose from!

  4. you did a great job with that crossstich. Your pup looks ridicously cute.

  5. Thank you!!!

    I wish I could sleep standing up too. Id do it all the time.