Saturday, September 3, 2011

One Sketch A Day

I dont know if you guys are big into reality tv or not (I may be a smidge obsessed with a few) but I am really into LA Ink this season. I havent watched the show in a really long time but this season with her breakup right before the show aired I figured Id tune in for the drama. I know that is horrible but yall cant say you dont do the same at least sometimes. Since watching the show though I have found a new interest in Kat as a person and started following her on Twitter as well as watching the show every Thursday with my mom. Its still funny to me that my mom likes that show but I am into it. I like doing things with her.
Back to the subject...Kat has been doing this project called A Sketch A Day where you know, you obviously try to draw something once a day...I went to Books A Million on Wednesday and got one of the little journals to start my own. You could say I am pretty excited about it. I love to draw even though Im not overly talented at it but I never make time to do it. I dont really know if I will be showing any of what I draw. I am pretty overly scared about it, especially when its just sketches.
Hopefully this little dude will help fix that.

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