Wednesday, September 7, 2011

job search again

Im running a little behind on posts today. I had the last week scheduled out so I could be free to job search without having to worry about this business.  I didn't even sew yesterday which felt kinda weird. I have been filling out applications and sending out resumes like a mad women once again. I have gotten a few calls back so I guess now it is just a waiting game. I've never been good at interviews, I get really quiet and awkward. It is easier now though since I have actually aesthetics experience and I know for the most part what I am talking about.
Jess and I have been hanging out the past two days after not seeing each other for quite a while. It was pretty nice times. We played card games, ate foods and watched movies most of the time. It was rad to just take time to chill out and be still. I am missing the summer heat already. Its been raining for the better part of the week so we had to stay inside the whole time.
I had a job interview today so we had to wake up early to get me home in time to get ready. I prolly should knock on wood for even mentioning that to yall. It seems like when I just don't say anything about what I am currently hanging on then it is more likely to happen. Does that happen to anyone else??
I was going to take some pictures of the dress I wore to my interview. It is definitely leopard print and i am not ashamed!! It is my new favorite dress no doubt. I didn't like any of the pictures. I must build confidence in that area first I reckon.
Oh well, next day!


  1. I want to see your interview outfit! Leopard? Amazing.

  2. I'll make that today's post. It is pretty rad.

  3. holy moly so sorry to hear about your pup. You can borrow Oliver anytime :)