Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All is well

I have been having the worst time being very negative for a while now. Its made me a really horrible angry little person. If you could look back at the me from a few years ago you would see a different person all together. I am over it completely. 
I am going to try my hardest, starting today, to start turning negative situations into good ones. No more being frustrated over things I can't change, that is just added worry for no reason. No more procrastinating. No more being down in the dumps. No more pity parties. 
If I can fix something in my life I need to either do it, start working towards fixing it, or let it go instead of bottling it in and staying angry.

I have some really exciting things that I am hoping will be good changes for me. I am working my butt off to make things happen for me. I am learning new things everyday. Trying to become more open to change, to people, to life in general. I have crazy anxiety half of the time and I know this holds me back from so much. I have a pretty serious temper and I need to learn to let stuff roll off my back and move on.

I was lurking Tumblr the other day and saw a post from this lady  who wrote when her boyfriend has bad days that he wakes up every  morning and writes down all the good stuff that happened the day before. I loved that idea. Its so perfect in every way. I am not a naturally positive person and I will admit that. Ive let that keep me from being happy for years now. I always get so bogged down by every little thing that there were a few months when I literally wanted to just lay in bed and cry all the time and frequently would. It took a lot for me to get mostly past that but I still have days when its all I can think about it. 

I am challenging myself to kick my own butt into gear this time. Every day Im going to write happy things, try to roll anger off my back and just be a generally more positive person. Wish me luck?!
Do any of you have problems with staying positive? Any tips to help me?


  1. I have a huge problem focusing on positive stuff when there's ANYTHING negative around. I'll literally dwell on the negative stuff even if there's only one bad thing and like 500,000,000 good things, haha. I've been trying to work on it lately, too! That writing idea sounds cute, maybe I'll try it!

  2. I do that too. Like I can have 6 clients all of them but one give me compliments and love me but the one that hated me and complained works me up all day long. try it and tell me how it goes! We can be each others support