Friday, July 8, 2011

July the 4th and Stuff

Im watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets right now and downloading all my firework pictures from the 4th. I think they are pretty amazing if I do say so myself. 
I woke up early that morning and started cleaning the house then around noon Jess came to pick me up. We went downtown very early so we could get good spots but apparently those people are ninjas and got there suuuuper early so we still wouldnt of gotten good places. We walked around so we could get a good look at all the festivities. A few people tried to take secret pictures of us which was pretty odd. I really dont like when people do stuff like that, its just out right rude. 
I didnt think we would actually make it until 9:30 when the fireworks were supposed to start but me and Jess apparently are better at wasting time then I had thought so before we knew it the time had flown and it was firework time.
The pictures I took really dont even compare to how bad ass those things were. My family used to go downtown every year to see the show but we haven't in a long time and they seemed better this year then they have ever been. Definitely if you live in Nashville they are a must see and you should come next year!!