Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Horizons

Tomorrow I start my new job. I am so freaking out right now. I know it will prolly go really well but its my first time to be the lone esthetician and what happens if I get stuck and Im not sure the answer to something?! This opportunity will be a lot better then Trace Retreat as not only will I have no competition but I have a staff full of hair dressers that will promote me, we will be doing more photoshoots, styling people ANDDD most important I will be getting to do makeup! I can not wait for that as its more of what I want to do. Oh OH and also I only work 3 days a week at first until my clients build up.
Its pretty exciting times right now. As stoked as I am to start tomorrow I will miss not working. I havent been  in work since the day after Harry Potter came out and can I just say it has been a dream. I havent had real time off since before I started esthetics school last April so it was much deserved.
I did a ton of stuff the past two weeks to keep me busy, it has encouraged me even more to figure out something to work towards that will remove me from working away from home.

I had a post planned on some more foodie things but my phones not letting me send my pictures to my computer at the moment so Ill try to post those tomorrow when I get off work and I will let you know how my day went.


  1. good luck on your first day sweetie! you are gonna rock it!


  2. good luck, good luck!! you'll do awesome i just know it!