Tuesday, July 26, 2011

E courses

Hello quick little post/ question....

Has anyone an e-course ever? I have been looking at A Beautiful Mess and their DIY Dress Up class. It looks like fun and a lot of good information to learn. I really wanna learn how to make clothes more so I thought it would be a good idea. Anyone have any thoughts? Anyone wanna take a class with me? It could be neat!!

Also I entered the AE Best shot contest for Coolest Hipster I kinda did it to be funny since everyone loves to make fun of hipsters but also cause to win would be really rad! If you wouldn't mind voting for me I would be very appreciative and would promote you as well.
Let me know if you vote, Ill love you forever!!!


  1. I voted for you, because it's so silly (the comp idea)!!

    E-courses, well, I have never taken one, and don't think I will, because I think I have better things to spend my money on, but you would get the support and drive to do what the course is on. If you get more done with the feeling of that being part of something bigger then go for it!

  2. I've never taken an e-course, but I say do it! It's always fun to learn new things :)

  3. YAY thank you lady!!!!

    I prolly have better things to spend my money on as well but it is easier for me to commit to something when I want to get my moneys worth.

  4. There's this indie business start up e-course I want to do later this year but I don't know anyone who's done it so I'm a little nervous!

    I voted for you, too! :D

    Cassie // Coffee & Chopsticks

  5. Ooh what's it called?
    And thank you for voting for me!!!

  6. Ummm! http://www.indie-business.com/

    That's the link to it! That's the last course. The 4.0 one should be up eventually, I'm not quite sure when!

    And I got your comment, PS. My page is mainly a theme from Wordpress that my boyfriend and I spent a few hours tweaking and changing the code for. I'm not sure how Blogspot's themes and stuff work though. :/

  7. Ill check it out.

    Well I guess I could ask my dad who is a web designer for help but we have different views lol. Thanks though!!

  8. Haha, no problem! I know how that is. My boyfriend has his own little company thing and when I told him I wanted everything pink, he was like, "Really? Pink?" But then eventually, "Well, I guess it's verry Cassie, isn't it?" Lololol.

    I see that you're playing around with it now though! It looks cute! Just keep tweaking and customizing and eventually it'll be perfect the way you want it! :)

  9. Haha boyfriend perks!!! Your blog is cute and i like hoe its organized. It's very functional. I want mine to just be clean. And not green haha we just did this real quick.

  10. Yes! He makes everyone else pay and then they see mine and are always like, "DAMN GIRL, HOW MUCH DID THAT COST?" And I'm always like, "Um, girlfriend perks!" Haha.

    I'm kind of wanting it to be more blog-like but I'm still trying to think of how I want it to look. I love the magazine style layout but I don't know. I get bored easily and change my mind a lot, haha.

    By the way, do you have your blog on Bloglovin'? I tried searching you so I could add it to my feed but couldn't find it. :( If you don't, you should add it so I can get updates like a creep, haha. It's pretty great - I check it every single day and use it to track all my faves! :D

  11. Haha people are silly.
    If I knew how to change it I'd prolly be like you and get bored with it and change it every so often.

    No I don't have blogloving. I'm such a noob still. I'll add it as soon as I get back to my real computer. I just put Google analytics on here and its blowing my mind already. The things people use to search you are hilarious.