Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hogwarts will Always be Here for You

This sucks for me to write, I feel a bit weepy already from watching some of the final interviews before getting around to blogger. You may think I am silly but Harry Potter has been a massive part of my life since the very first book came out. I can not even tell how many memories I have surrounding the books/movies.
I remember when either the 4th or 5th book came out and I was like MOM what will I do when there is no more books and what about when the movies have all been made?! (also what i did for LOTR but thats another story) And she calmly said, Kelley by the time that comes about you will be older and over all this, you wont care so much.
The thing is though, she was wrong. It hurts very much, I feel like I lost my best friends. My stomach ached for days before the premiere and I almost didnt want to go just because I knew when it was over there would never be another one. Call me dramatic but I never really saw an end to HP, I definitely didnt ever think of a time when there would no longer be more. It SUCKS!!
We were going to dress up as Daddy Malfoy and Bellatrix but my outfit was too tight for my arms and was cutting off the circulation. We went to the Coolsprings movie theatre, tons of people were dressed up in really rad costumes. They had a two part costume with one kid being Quirrel and another attached to him walking backwards as Voldy also they had kids who dressed up as mandrakes which was HILARIOUS!! We got there almost 2 hrs early so during the between my own freaking kept coming in to do duals. It was pretty awesome, I just wanted to live in that moment for ever.
I cried for a good bit of the movie, not because of what was going on really, mostly it was just sadness that this was the last time. Well and there are some really sad parts in the movie too of course. This is coming from the girl who bawled when Hedwig and Dolby died last movie. These characters feel like my family and yes it hurts my heart when they died.
After the movie was over I felt a bit panicy like my childhood was over and I needed to study because the next day something huge was going to happen and I needed to be ready for it. Its bizarre how it made me feel. Does anyone else feel this connected? Were any of you, like me, 11 or 12 when the books came out so you felt like you were growing up with them too?
I never knew I would be so impacted by books but I have been. Im trying to not feel so completely lost...please someone else feel this way or else I am just gonna feel like a weirdo.

Also seeing all these sick HP tattoos is really making me want to finally get the several I have been wanting. Must do it soon!! Share your memories with me??
If this video doesnt make you cry then you arent a fan. BOOOOOO!!


  1. this totally made me teary and watching the movie i had to hold back tears! i love harry potter so, it is very much a part of who i am and yes it is sad but it will always be in my heart. the magic will always live on <3


  2. It will. I'm glad ill be able to share it with my kids one day....or my hoards of animals more like

  3. Hello!!

    Kelley, I am ashamed to say I read the first chapter of the first book when I was 11 and I put the book down and decided to leave it alone. Then I watched the first film and liked it, unfortunately the second film was too dark and not enough chocolate frogs for me and so that's where the HP journey ends for me.

    But I like the MAGIC!!

  4. guess what!!!
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  5. Oh my, you need to pick that book back up and read them all!!! Then watch the movies. Just force yourself, it'll be worth it.

    Captchas crack me up. I didn't even know you had to fill one out to comment in my page.