Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I have really really fallen completely in love with my bike. I know I know quit talking about it right?
 Never!! I love it so much! Me and dad have been going on rides at least once a day. Yesterday I finally got up this monster hill without having to get up and push it, that's been my goal since before I got this bike so Im pretty excited to finally meet it! We are going to the Greenway this weekend and trying to do whole thing, from Donelson to Shelby bottoms!! I dont know how long that actually is but its pretty dang far Im sure!
I am starting to look for a street bike for my dad right now. I found one a few minutes ago, but literally seconds after he posted it and I emailed him, he replied back with it was already spoken for. Major bummer wave yall! Oh well Ill carry on!!
I need some more bike riding friends...anyone wanna come ride with me? It'll be fun I promise! We are going to a silly action photo shoot soon, yes I will be posting the pictures.
My dads always been a bit of an entrepreneur so he's been brain storming how to do something profitable in the bike business. I hope we come up with something awesome, I know I could be pretty content surrounding myself with all things wheeled!!
Wish us luck guys!!


  1. that is so awesome!! i wish i could be your bike riding friend! i need more riding friends too! good luck with your road bike for yo dad, that is really exciting too!


  2. I know I wish so too!! No one here wants to ride with me!!
    One of my friends came over the other day and it was so nice to have someone else to ride with.

    my chain fell off mid ride today. iwas going up a hill and was like um daaaaad im going backwards he of course was already way on up