Monday, July 11, 2011

Potato Candy

The other day we made baked potatoes and as usual my brother didnt eat his so I decided to make Potato Candy so yall could learn some good Southern delights. Blah Blah about how you dont believe itll taste good or it sounds gross just hush your mouths and try it.

I also photographed it all with my Evos camera so Im sure the quality will be lacking for those photo snobs out there. No apologies.

Its the most simple thing you can make

1 half of a baked potato (unless you need to make a whole lot)
about 2 boxes of powdered sugar
gnarly arm muscles
peanut butter
wax paper

Get the potato and  mash it up really good so its almost liquid, if there are lumps you might want to pull them out cause they dont taste really good. Then just start slowly pouring powdered sugar in until you get a dough texture. I cant give you an exact measurement because it seems to change every time you make it. Also it will blow your mind how much powdered sugar it takes. Its crazy really.

When you have the correct consistency, put some more powdered sugar on the wax paper and pour out the mixture.

 Get a rolling pin, cover that in more powdered sugar (hey I never said this was low cal) and start rolling out. This is where the patience comes in, it gets really sticky and annoying and kinda hard to do but persevere.  Also those hands are my dads hands and what hes pouring out is the second round in which my arms were too tired to roll out so I manned the camera.

Once you have it rolled out all nice and pretty apply liberal amounts of Peanut Butter, however much you want but prolly not too much. 

Roll it up like so, being careful not to rip the dough, its really easy to do. Also the patience is needed here.

 When its all done it should look something like this. Mine are usually alot thinner but this one ended up looking like a bureet. I dont care too much about how it looks as it all tastes the same in the end right?!
I know maybe it sounds gross but yall have to try this at least once! Its surprising how good it is.


  1. i have never heard of this! i wish i could try it... must make plans to head to the south and catch a ride with you :D


  2. that is definitely something I have never tried. I must admit it doesnt exactly sound yummy but I guess I would know until I try it right?

  3. You can try it!! Do it!
    Yes please come south ASAP! Ill take you exploring all over.

    Amber, TRY IT!! You might be addicted to it after wards and try to blame me but it might be worth it!!