Saturday, July 9, 2011

California Photo Dump

Me and my dad are sitting here watching the most recent Indiana Jones, I know now why I never watched that one in the first place. It is terrible!! Sorry Indy, you know I love you but not this time.
Yall prolly dont remember but a few months ago I went to meet my parents in Los Angelos California. I had a hard time getting all the pictures off of my camera but today it magically worked which was nice because I didnt know what I was going to write about today. I actually have a lot more pictures on my dads camera but I didnt really want to mess with getting them off of his as well. 
Anyways these start out with pictures I took out of the plane, I do this every time I fly. It completely fascinates me  and also keeps me entertained. I slept most of the time as I went alone so I had no one to keep me awake. Why is the world separated all into squares?

This tree looked like skin was wrapped over it so me and dad took like a million pictures of these, I was nice and only showed yall one as I didnt think maybe yall would be amazed as we were. This was outside of a bagel shop in Huntington Beach.

Driving down to the San Diego zoo for my first time there ever!! It rained the whole way there of course. 

 Peacocks in a tree...I didnt know they could get up there. Tons of people were circling around taking pics so I joined in.


Various animals I know all of yall have seen before but I kinda like the ones I took. We were there the entire day and it ended up being really warm and perfect! I was glad we decided to soldier on and stay regardless of the rain.

Me and my Pops, we like to make silly faces.

I took millions of pictures of these guys, its like they knew that everyone was there to see them so they were up to all kinds of antics. They were eating, running around, playing in the water, and wrestling. It was awesome!!

This tiger was hiding from view so they threw a massive bone right by the glass so he cuddled up with his bone and starting chowing down. I was wedged between two walls to get any pictures. People were mighty vicious to get a peek.

The orangutans were really neat too, they played with everyone through the glass. One little girl was making faces at them so they came over and started making the same ones right back at her. I prolly took too many pictures of them also.

Laguna Beach is my favorite beach Ive been to so far. I would like to live here one day I think.

 I was told over and over again to go to In-N-Out burger and I didnt get a chance to go when I was here last so mom and dad made sure I got to go this time. I was not disappointed at all. Why dont we have one of these in Nashville?

Snow in March in California, I didnt know this kind of stuff happened. There actually was a blizzard which we thankfully got passed before it got too bad. The next morning while watching the news we saw the roads were shut down and there had been mudslides.

 SLO aka San Luis Obispo maybe one of the most beautiful places on earth.  If you havent been here seriously go like now time! The hills are magnificent and quite overwhelming. I want to go back ASAP!

All in all this trip was balling and I have a huge love for the west coast. Next time I go back I want to meet Bridget Blonde , hangout with Josh again, and actually go during good weather months. I want to see Santa Monica during the day and have way more beach time. Hopefully Ill be back sometime this year!!


  1. oh man the new one is sooooo terrible, they really did a shitty job with that movie! i love how close you are with your dad and i love reading about it so much! koalas are my favorite animal to see at the zoo, they are so cute! oh and of course lady i will draw up a hedgehog for you! i don't think i will get my koala done in time for my show but will work on those two when i am done :D


  2. Its sad cause I loved those movies so much as a kid and they totally ruined this one.

    We actually dont like each other usually, I wish we always got along. It seems like ever since we started riding together we have been getting along more often.

    I am so stoked. I love hedgies, never can find hedgie artwork! I cant wait till I see it!!! YOu rule!