Sunday, July 3, 2011

June 3rd

I kinda hate having to figure out a title for my posts. I am running out of ideas already!!!
Anyways Saturday I ended up getting to leave work even earlier then planned because all my clients ending up cancelling and I didnt see a point in sitting around hoping for some walk ins. Plus I didnt really feel too hot so it all worked out.

I went home took a tiny nap then went on a bike ride with my dad, I braved a busyish road and I didnt even fall over. Pretty proud moment if I say so myself. After that me and my mom spent like 3 hours in the grocery store, whoevers idea it was to go grocery shopping on a Saturday afternoon needs to be punished. It took so long to get there and back, then we had to put everything away and start on dinner. We ended up just making spaghetti since we were short on time and had to make a cake for my cousins birthday as well.( P.s. my baby cousin turned 18 today, I know I am only 20 but it is making me feel so old!!! I need the clocks to stop!) Me and dad went on another bike ride after dinner and I must say I am really starting to get the hang of it. I need to tweak a few things and then itll be perfect, I am even getting used to the curved handlebars which I originally hated.

I am really excited for all the activities on the 4th! Hopefully a lot of friends I havent seen will end up getting to hangout finally!!


  1. Coming up with blog post titles is difficult. I feel your pain. Sometimes I try to go with quotes, but it still never really feels good enough haha. I know what you mean about only being 20 and feeling old. I'm 22 and feel old. It's absolutely ridiculous though, and I blame society for making all of us never feel young enough haha! But what we need to realise is what makes us valuable isn't our youth, it's what's inside that counts.:) I hope to love myself even more in ten years time. Ten years wiser and ten years more beautiful. I believe that.

  2. I always feel so corny coming up with titles and things to write about!!

    You know that makes sense and that means alot! I reallyl struggle with feeling really old all the time, it helps to know Im not the only one!