Friday, July 1, 2011


This week as been so incredibly busy at work, actually this whole month has. Its exciting that I am finally starting to get quite a few regulars. I am literally booked almost solid for the next two weeks!! If that isnt good enough I start my weekend early tomorrow afternoon!! I can not wait!! I have so much planned for this weekend I dont even know if Ill be able to fit it all in.
Jess bought us tickets to the premier of the new Harry Potter and we are so going to dress up. Is anyone else planning to do this? Will you please send me pictures? I know I am gonna be a little crying child the entire movie but I dont even care. I love Harry Potter!!!!

Also this month I decided to try to up the anti on this blog and sponsor a few other blogs. Yesterday I started with Elycia  and in the next few weeks Ill be adding others as well. Also I am trying to figure out lay outs and how to make everything look better then it does right now. I am such a noob I know but we all have to start somewhere. If anyone can/wouldnt mind help me out I would sure appreciate it!!

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